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Write an Online Review for Others

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Write an Online Review for Others


Write an Online Review for Others

Posted By howtomake

My friends and I are stay at home moms and we did not realize that there were a lot of sites where you could make money online. There are always ads on the internet and tv telling you that you can get paid to work from home but I have found that many of those ads are scams. When you go to their websites you can actually get information by paying them to work online. I do not know of any job that makes you pay before you work. So my friend told me that internetproviders.us was one of the internet sites that you could visit to find internet providers in your area and then you could write a nice review of your internet provider on a linked review site. People will actually pay you to review your products or services and the more people that say that your review was helpful, the more money you get paid. I thought that this was genius. I always seem to have an opinion about everything, or at least that’s what my husband says.

I signed up as soon as I could and then I started to write reviews on everything from my favorite diaper brands to baby formula. There were a lot of moms online that were rating my reviews high, which meant that I was making more money so I was so happy to see that my first pay check was good. I could do this when the kids were at school and the baby was napping. When the kids went to bed, my husband and I usually turned on the TV so this would also be another great time when I could log on to the site and find something to write a review of, now I have my own play money.

Written by howtomake

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