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Website Design

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Website Design

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When designing a website a webmaster should be carefully selective about how to make the website in regards to making the site successful. A badly designed site can be left in the dust over professional websites, while good websites may flourish and top over all other competitors. We will help you understand a few tips to building a good website design.

Navigation Bars

The navigation bar is a necessity in just about any website with the exception of a website with only one page or just a forum.

A navigation bar is a long bar either vertical or horizontal on the upper of the website or the side which links to all of the main important pages which a visitor would want to visit. If there are many pages one section of the navigation bar should lead to a page which links every page on a website known as a site directory or page listing.

A navigation bar should be placed in easy viewing the letters should be readable and not small print, while the bar itself should be somewhere where a visitor does not need to scroll the page up or down to find it.

Front Page

The front page also known as a home page will be the first page a visitor opens when visiting your website. This page should give either a brief introduction to the purpose and function of your visit or a catchy bit of information which keeps a visitor interested in continuing to view the rest of your website on a regular basis.


A website should be professional and yet simple. People can become discouraged by the confusion of a messy website and not desire to visit again. Keep your website well organized and use professional non-offensive images which will appeal to anyone of any background.

Seek Professional Help

If you doubt yourself do not be afraid to find help, there are many affordable companies who will build your website and help you drive in traffic immediately.

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