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Top 3 PI Marketing Strategies That Help Firms In Gaining Competitive Advantage In The Industry

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Top 3 PI Marketing Strategies That Help Firms In Gaining Competitive Advantage In The Industry


Top 3 PI Marketing Strategies That Help Firms In Gaining Competitive Advantage In The Industry

Posted By Tim Medina

Like most other service providing businesses, firms offering private investigation services need to continuously engage in the process of obtaining prospective clients. Winning potential customers is harder for private investigators because law firms constitute the steadiest source of work, and they rarely won over through traditional advertising methods. However, the following 3 private investigator marketing tips will provide private investigation firms with valuable information that will help them gain a competitive advantage over their rival companies.

Top 3 PI Marketing Strategies that Help Firms in Gaining Competitive Advantage in the Industry

Employing a Flat Rate Billing Model

Although this billing model is not new within the private investigation industry, most private investigation firms rarely employ it. This pricing model is not only a great PI marketing strategy, but it is also an efficient way of ensuring that the company does not lose current clients as a result of the large sums of money presented in their invoices. By using the flat rate pricing model, private investigation firms ensure that existing, as well as potential clients, know that regardless of the expenses incurred by the firm, they will not encounter any surprises when their invoice arrives. Moreover, the PI firm will switch its focus from increasing its profit margin to obtaining a larger volume of work, thus, increasing its clientele base.


A Paralegal Event or Local Criminal Attorney Sponsoring a paralegal event or local criminal attorney is an excellent private investigation marketing method that efficiently works to create company awareness and build a positive reputation. As such, any private investigation firm ought to consider offering monetary sponsorship or covering the costs for locally planned association events.

This particular PI marketing method is ideal for private investigation firms because when they act as sponsors, they can easily request to-be-awarded a few minutes to talk during the event, -provide branded gift items that also include the firm’s contact information, or hang a banner advertising the business and its services without having to worry about the costs associated with this kind of advertising.  Not only will sponsoring attorneys or paralegal events provide private investigation companies with these mentioned benefits, but it also presents the company with an opportunity to covertly promote their services to numerous attentive attorneys at the same time.

Start A PI Blog/ Use Social Media Platforms

It is worth noting that with the advancement of internet access across the globe, people have become more accustomed to turning to the World Wide Web to find businesses that offer the best services and products. Intrinsically, this translates to the fact that having a business website works as an influential marketing tool through which people can locate a business’ services or products. Without an online presence, small as well as large private investigation firms fail to benefit from all potential commercial opportunities. Furthermore, it is also noteworthy to mention that most online-based customers tend to hold the misconception that only businesses with websites and social media pages are worthy of their business. This is partly because most big companies have websites, and is a fact that leads to the assumption that they take their business seriously. Therefore, having a business website is one of the most PI marketing components that functions as an efficient manner through which a company attracts and retains new clientele.

Written by Tim Medina

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