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Green Initiatives Found in Your State

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Green Initiatives Found in Your State


Green Initiatives Found in Your State

Posted By howtomake

With the falling price of oil, I’ve had the joy of being able to edit my energy budget. It’s a trick that I learned back in college; creating separate budgets for varying costs and bills to help me put away more money. Energy, along with food, has always been the highest cost that I’ve had to deal with. Micromanaging how much I utilize has been the most effective way to keep the bills low enough to help me save. I even went so far as to purchase a bicycle for going to the stores and found this website to be extremely helpful when shopping for an energy provider.

Most energy providers in states with large economies have been able to start ‘Green’ programs, allowing their customers to take advantage of solar panels or other ‘green’ energy generating methods. They allow you to sell back a portion of the energy that your home collects which can become a fairly sizable tax credit. Some allow you to actually invest in ‘green blocks’ for your neighborhood. At the end of the year you receive a return based on how many blocks you purchased and how much energy was generated by the company owned green station.

I like to do both of these things. The original cost investment of installing solar panels onto my home was nothing to blink at, but I found it to be helpful in Texas thanks to the sheer amount of sunlight we get every year. In places where the weather is more wet and cloudy this sort of alternative energy source wouldn’t work out as well. Energy costs can come in a number of different forms, from gas to your energy bill and it’s important that an individual or family is capable of taking the necessary steps to ensure they’re minimizing their carbon footprint.

Written by howtomake

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