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Can You Have Internet That is Too Fast?

How to Make Website Uncategorized Can You Have Internet That is Too Fast?
Can You Have Internet That is Too Fast?


Can You Have Internet That is Too Fast?

Posted By howtomake

I remember some of the ISPs I have had over the years. The first one had the same name of a popular science fiction movie that was out around the same time they got started. I always wondered how they never got in trouble with any copyright or trademark thing. They got pretty big too. They probably were the biggest dial-up provider in the region. Do you remember dial-up? Slow, wasn’t it? Now we have really fast ATT Internet service. I like how we can stream movies or TV on more than one device. There is no way you could have even begun to do that on dial-up.

I have different friends who have cable and DSL Internet. I log into their Wi-Fi when at their houses, and do not have any problems on either. Of course, if you are going to be streaming HD movies, the faster your connection the better. It takes about 5 Mbps to stream an HD movie or TV show. If you are playing more than one show on the same Internet connection, you need to have faster speeds. The university I went to had a T1 connection, I think. It was instantaneous to do just about everything. Incredibly fast.

Now you can even have fiber optic at your house in some cities that is 1 Gbps fast. I cannot imagine that for a home Internet connection. The whole family could be watching different HD movies at the same time with a business server running in the background and still have bandwidth left over. Our Internet speed here is about 33 Mbps. We watch HD TV and movies, run our business and do all kinds of things without any speed issues. I think some people waste their money on connections that are too fast for them.

Written by howtomake

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